Thursday, May 15, 2014

Recipe: Black Bean Soup with Roasted Poblano Chiles

Black Bean Soup with Roasted Poblano Chiles
Bon Appetit Magazine, Nov 2013, p. 69
My rating:  5 stars!

Really not a great photo above (I almost considered not including it) because it doesn't give this dish justice on how amazing it tastes.

This soup is restaurant quality.  It could be on Stephan Pyles' or Dean Fearing's menu in Dallas because of its southwestern profile and great flavor and texture.

Ingredients include:  poblano chiles, onion, garlic, fire-roasted diced tomatoes, black beans, chicken broth, dried pasilla or ancho chile, pepitas (raw shelled pumpkin seeds), queso fresco, oil, salt, lime

  • Used pasilla chile (vs. ancho)
  • Used fire-roasted diced tomatoes (vs. plain)
  • Topped it with cilantro
  • Stirred in some Spicy Salsa Roja that we had from a recipe we made earlier in the week (to add yet another layer of flavor and heat) -- the salsa recipe was from Food and Wine Magazine's March 2014 issue (p. 99) -- Zucchini Quesadilla with Spicy Salsa Roja.  The quesadilla would actually be a nice accompaniment to this soup recipe!

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