Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wild Salmon

In this month's issue of Bon Appetit Magazine (June 2014), there's a nice section on wild salmon and the five types of Pacific salmon, specifically.  I tried to find the info on to link it here, but it's not online.

I'm including the info here, as reference (credit to Joanna Sciarrino who has the byline):

  • Chinook:  Also known as king, its nicely fatty flesh is ideal for slow-roasting.
  • Coho:  More subtle in flavor and texture than other types, it's a smaller fish, making it great for roasting or grilling whole.
  • Sockeye:  Sometimes called red salmon, it has vibrant red-orange flesh and a profound flavor that stands up well to assertive seasonings.
  • Pink:  It has a lower fat content and is mostly available canned.  If you find fillets, grill them.
  • Chum:  Sometimes labeled dog or keta salmon, it's prized for its roe.  The comparatively low oil content of its delicately flavored flesh means it's better for smoking or for quick-cooking methods that won't dry it out, like pan-searing and grilling.

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