Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why the blog?

My first foray into the blogosphere!  I'd been thinking about starting this blog for THREE MONTHS ever since my husband and I visited our super-foodie friends in San Francisco.  I realized that this could be a really cool way to share recipes and thoughts on all things food -- cookbooks, restaurants, shows, food-related books/writings. . .

My foodie friends get the same food magazines, and at least for me, I get really frustrated when I spend a lot of time trying out a new recipe and it doesn't taste as good as it looks (or could've been better w/a few tweaks).  I hope we can all use this blog to share tips and let each other know what recipes to definitely try -- or not try -- based on our experiences in our own "test kitchens!"

Let's get cookin'!

Oh, and bear with me as I figure out all the features & design of this blog.

- the taster

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