Monday, August 22, 2011

Guest Post (FoodFiend): In search of low-cal and high-taste

So, after consuming fried and buttered and sauced food and mai tais practically nonstop during our nine days in Hawaii, I came home with the understanding that my waistline could use some help, but also with a bit of a renewed interest in messing with the kitchen. I blame the taster for the latter, since she had to go start this blog and then talk about food for the duration of our trip, but that's okay...I have not been cooking much this summer because it's just been too dang hot and I haven't been home, so I need to get back at it.

Anyway. I did some surfing and discovered that has about a gazillion recipes that end up being less than 300 calories a serving. I dove in and started adding recipes to my virtual recipe box - and probably added 30 before I even got through the A section. I got some groceries over the weekend, and I'm bummed that I hadn't yet read the hot tip about getting pork at Whole Foods, because my next adventure will be pork and I could certainly have gone to Whole Foods. But I didn't. Neither did I buy zucchini at the store where I was because it looked puny. But as soon as I acquire some non-puny zucchini, and the onion I forgot to buy, I'll be making Calvacita, which claims to be a recipe handed down from the author's Mexican mother-in-law. The original recipe seems to be lacking in spiciness, so I may be messing with it a bit, but I'll post the results and photo in a couple of days!

Not that it will compete with the lovely pork illustrated by the woman who ate everything (channeling Jeffrey Steingarten, I see). Shoot, that looks yummy!

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  1. Calvacita sounds intriguing -- let us know how that goes!