Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Article: Must sign contract to secure dinner reservation?!?!

So what do you think of the policy?  You can see an image of the contract at:

Here Is The Contract You Need To Sign To Eat at Rogue 24
Monday, August 15, 2011 by Eater Staff

UPDATE 08/17/2011: In a new interview with Eater, chef/owner RJ Cooper explains his reasoning and changes the dining contract.

Get your pen out if you want to have dinner at Rogue 24, because first you have to sign a two-page contract to cement your reservation at the newly opened conceptual restaurant serving only 24- and 16-course tasting menus in the middle of an alleyway. And if you're keyed up about snagging reservations at the buzzy new restaurant, don’t get so excited that you tweet about your meal in between courses or take a snapshot of your favorite dish — cell phones and cameras are explicitly banned during the three-hour plus long dinners. The contract states, “All guests should be able to enjoy the experiences that surround them at Rogue24 free of distraction.” Apparently, you can’t send out a tweet to chef RJ Cooper in his own restaurant; you have to wait until you get home and you’re released from your contract.

Beyond that, diners must agree to the restaurant’s cancellation policy and give up their credit card information. If reservations are canceled within 72 hours of the dinner (up to 3 p.m. on the day of the reservation), diners are on the hook for half of the check. Cancellations after 3 p.m. on the day of or showing up more than 30 minutes late for their dinners earn a 100-percent charge. Considering that meals run $175 per person for the full 24-course Journey menu with beverage pairings, forgetful and tardy diners can quickly run up a hefty charge without enjoying a single bite.

The contract also asks patrons to list allergies and dietary restrictions, commit to either the 24- or 16-course tasting menu and decide whether they want drink pairings. Oh, and this contract must be returned within 72 hours of making the reservation or the reservation is voided. Best of luck.
—Nevin Martell

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