Thursday, January 19, 2012

Book: French Women Don't Get Fat

This book came out years ago, and while I bought it back in 2004, I only read it just recently as recommended to me by a friend.  I really enjoyed it -- it's a FUN, quick read and has changed how I view food.  In addition, the book has some wonderful, easy and tasty recipes like 'Chicken au Champagne.'

The author, Mireille Guiliano, is the former CEO of Champagne house Veuve Cliquot and relates the story of how she changed her relationship with food with the help of 'Dr. Miracle' who helped her easily lose weight when she was younger.  She gives tips on how to stay slim without dieting.

The premise of the book is all about changing your lifestyle bit by bit but still indulging in life's pleasures.  There are trade-offs you can make ~ for instance, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or cutting out a dessert if you're going to have a sweet after-dinner drink.  Little things added together (cutting a few calories here and there and gradually increasing exercise) can lead to easy weight loss.

While I'd encourage you to read the book, here is a summary of what Mireille thinks French women do differently compared to American women:
  1. French women eat smaller portions of more things (each meal averages 3 courses).
  2. French women eat more vegetables. 
  3. French women love chocolate, especially dark chocolate.
  4. French women honor mealtime rituals and never eat standing up, on the run, or in front of the T.V.
  5. French women eat what's in season for maximum flavor, and know availability does not equal quality.
  6. French women don't care for hard liquor.
  7. French women walk wherever they can.
  8. French women drink water all day long.
  9. French women don't eat anything "fat-free", "sugar-free" or anything stripped of natural flavor. They go for the real thing IN MODERATION.
  10. French women choose their indulgences and compensations.

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