Monday, September 5, 2011

Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut Champagne & St. Angel Cheese

Ahhh. . . Champagne. . . I love bubbly, and last night we opened up a bottle of Perrier Jouet Grand Brut to have along with our cheese fest.  (It especially paired well with St. Angel cheese -- but more about that later.)  I loved the crispness of the Champagne and the fact that it wasn't very yeasty.  There was a slight slight sweetness and fruit that I really liked. 

Here's some info on Perrier-Jouet from their website:
  • The Champagne house's vineyards lie in the heart "Champagne magic triangle"
  • In the Grand Brut blend, delicate Chardonnay and strong Pinot Noir blend harmoniously with the Pinot Meunier, a complex variety that reveals all of its qualities when selected with care.
  • White flowers, white fruit, pineapple and grapefruit -- the light, delicate Grand Brut offers a wide range of flavours.
  • A fresh, lively, dynamic and perfectly balanced wine to be enjoyed as an aperitif and at any time of day, with light dishes.
  • Perrier-Jouet's Cuvee Belle Epoque 2002 Champagne was chosen for Price Albert of Monaco's wedding.

And now, more about St. Angel cheese which is heavenly, but what triple cream cheese isn't heavenly?
  • The dairy is located in the South East part of France.
  • St. Angel is a triple cream specialty cheese that has the delicate taste of cream. Because the curds are never drained with ultra filtration, more calcium, phosphorus, and milk protein are retained than in regular soft ripened cheese. The result is a unique creamy texture, unctuousness and a very healthy cheese (3 times more calcium than in regular soft ripened cheese).
  • Milk Type:  Cow
  • Paired Spirit:  Champagne

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