Monday, September 5, 2011

Guest Post (The GrandCruMan): 9 pounds 6 hours

....9 pounds of Texas brisket, a smoking charcoal kettle, spices and about 6 hours later - Labor Day dinner. Throw in the good American home-made mac and cheese, a salad, and a bottle of Mondavi '06 Napa Cab and voila! dinner is served. I've been wanting to finish up the summer with some bar-b-que and this hit the spot.

I may share the recipe upon request, but you can google any number of spice rub mixes. What I recommend is the basting - with a simple butter/bourbon/brown sugar concoction. The brisket spent about 4.5 hours on the smoker and finished up in the oven at 350 degrees for 1.5 more hours.

The meat was well-saturated with flavor and still retained sufficient bite and chew. Next time I'm tempted to up cooking time dramatically to go for no knife needed tender. We went for the '06 cabernet and its tannins stood up well to the smoked meat. The wine's fruit came through well but I imagine if we uncorked an older wine the meat would have been too dominant.

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  1. I, fortunately, had the opportunity to partake of this delicious meal. I'm so full. . . .