Sunday, November 13, 2016

Recipe: Stir-Fried Sweet Potato Noodles (Jap Chae)

Stir-Fried Sweet Potato Noodles (Jap Chae)
Food and Wine Magazine, Jul 2016, p. 80
5 stars

My new favorite super healthy, vegetarian Asian dish!

Jap chae is a traditional Korean dish made with sweet potato noodles.  You might be thinking, sweet potato noodles?!?  Honestly, you would never guess that the noodles were made of the root vegetable since they taste and have the texture of a rice/glass noodle which you could substitute.

This recipe takes a bunch of ingredients, mainly vegetables.

Ingredients:  Korean-style noodles (jap chae), shrimp, garlic, red onion, carrots, broccolini, red Swiss chard, oyster mushrooms, sugar snap peas, peas, scallion, black sesame seeds, egg, mirin, soy sauce, vegetable oil, toasted sesame oil, white sesame seeds, sugar, salt

Tips/Things I Modified:
  • Make sure not to overcook the noodles!
  • Left out the shrimp
  • Added tofu
  • Stirred in the egg instead of making the strips of egg
  • Used kale instead of red Swiss chard
  • Added sriracha to taste at the table

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