Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Recipe: Spinach Souffle with Shallots and Smoked Gouda Cheese

Spinach Souffle with Shallots and Smoked Gouda Cheese
3.7 stars

I found this recipe in my recipe binder -- I'd printed it back in 2011 but hadn't made this souffle.  Don't know why.  I pulled the recipe and was honestly not 100% optimistic on how it was going to turn out.  I've made other souffles before, but the steps were different, and I wasn't sure if the shallots, spinach and smoked gouda were going to complement each other well.

Overall, it turned out pretty good.  The souffles didn't rise as high as other recipes that I've made, and the texture was not as light and airy as I would've liked, but flavor-wise, it was delicious.

10 ingredients:  milk, butter, flour, eggs, shallots, spinach, smoked Gouda cheese, nutmeg, salt, pepper

Tips/What I did:
  • Made half the recipe which yielded 3 large individual portion ramekins
  • Instead of frozen spinach, sauteed fresh spinach and then drained off the water and chopped it up
  • Used onion instead of shallots because, well, I forgot to buy shallots
I'd make a spinach/shallot/smoked gouda souffle again, but perhaps use another souffle recipe's steps.  Will update this blog post with tips when I make it next time.

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