Saturday, June 15, 2013

Recipe: Hot Pepper Noodles

Update on Hot Pepper Noodles (original post was on 3/27/13 - see below).

Have you ever made a recipe, thinking that it was something you'd never made before until realizing it later?  We made Hot Pepper Noodles which I thought was a brand new recipe until I started writing this post and realized that we'd made it before over 2 months ago!  When eating dinner, I even mentioned that it was the best Asian dish we'd ever made (a la my comment below).

This time it was even better:
  • Used flat rice noodles which fit the dish perfectly (and is what the recipe calls for).
  • Added chicken AND tofu (firm)
  • Used FRESH basil from our garden!
  • Because of the amount of ingredients we added (3 chicken breasts, 1 whole block of tofu), we made 1.5x the amount of sauce, although next time I'd make twice the amount of sauce.

This past weekend, we made the Hot Pepper Noodles recipe in Bon Appetit's March 2013 issue (p. 22).  This was a fabulous (and quick and easy) Asian dish -- it was a write-in request from a reader who wanted the recipe from Penny's Noodle Shop in Chicago.  It's one of the best Asian recipes we've made; we'll definitely make it again.  Just looking at this photo is making me hungry. . .

Here are a few tips and changes we made to the recipe:
  • Used thin rice noodles.
  • Added shrimp to the dish and next time will add tofu too.  (This will require making more of the sauce since tofu tends to absorb sauce easily.)
  • Added red pepper flakes when cooking the chicken and shrimp to add heat to the dish.
  • Added scallions but won't do this next time because the scallions got overpowered by the other ingredients.
  • Will add double or even triple the amount of basil next time.

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