Monday, June 10, 2013

Definition: Kohlrabi

I was reading one of my fashion e-mails I receive last week, and they did a feature on kohlrabi, saying that it's the next big thing.

What is kohlrabi?

According to, kohlrabi (German turnip) is a perennial vegetable, and is a low, stout cultivar of cabbage. Kohlrabi can be eaten raw as well as cooked.

The taste and texture of kohlrabi are similar to those of a broccoli stem or cabbage heart, but milder and sweeter, with a higher ratio of flesh to skin. The young stem in particular can be as crisp and juicy as an apple, although much less sweet.

In doing some research online, I may be behind the times!  There seems to have been a proliferation of articles on kohlrabi last year around this time.  In any case, I'll let you know if we find the vegetable and cook some up. . .

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