Saturday, September 13, 2014

NYC Restaurant: Buddakan

Drinks to start off!
Edamame Dumplings
Roast Duck Noodles
King Crab Hot Pot

Lovely meal, ok, meal-that-exceeded-my-expectations at Buddkan in NYC near Chelsea Market.  Super cool vibe and lounge. Service was amazing.  Worth every penny.

BENEVOLENCE - belvedere, watermelon, pavan, Thai basil
(pavan is a grape liqueur)


EDAMAME DUMPLINGS - shallot-Sauternes broth
(rich, flavorful, perfect)

KING CRAB HOT POT - scallops, shrimp crackers
(2 huge scallops, 4 pieces of king crab, bok choy, Chinese root vegetables?; fried shrimp crackers, white rice, cilantro)

ROAST DUCK NOODLES - superior broth, duck wontons
(salty but flavorful broth, slices of duck cooked perfectly, duck shu mai, Thai red chiles, pickled ginger)

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