Saturday, December 31, 2011

Recipe: Vietnamese Caprese (from Chef Anthony Myint of Mission Street Food)

"Vietnamese Caprese?," you say.  Intrigued?

This recipe from Chef Anthony Myint of Mission Street Food in San Francisco is one of my favorite healthy recipes we make.  While it's a more fitting summer dish, I was craving it last night.

I love this description of the dish from Food and Wine Magazine.  "Unexplored synergies" is the perfect way to describe the combination of ingredients and how well they work together:

Chef Anthony Myint likes to play with "unexplored synergies" in food. For this noodle salad, he combines the Italian trinity of tomato, basil and mozzarella with Asian rice noodles and a version of the classic Vietnamese noodle sauce nuoc mam, made with fresh tomato juice. You could also call the dish an Asian-inflected take on spaghetti and meatballs.

Couple of tweaks we made:
  • Instead of thai chilis, I used 1 serrano pepper.  I love SPICY!
  • It's not completely necessary to chill the meatballs overnight (we chilled them for an hour or so).
  • It also wasn't necessary to allow the tomato mixture to strain overnight (an hour worked for us).
  • The photo is missing basil.  I went to 3 grocery stores last night to look for the ingredient, and everyone was sold out.  Yet another reason that we need to grow our own!
Food and Wine Magazine, July 2011 p.102

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