Sunday, December 18, 2011

Recipe: Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington

Our perfect Beef Wellington
on the 1st try
After watching Hell's Kitchen for so many years (I don't even know how many seasons it's been on) and watching the crazy contestants make Beef Wellington during just about every dinner service, we decided to look for Gordon Ramsay's recipe and make it for our guests last night.  While going against our rule of making a recipe for the first time for guests, we decided to give it a try (plus, our foodie friends were open to being our guinea pigs).

It was one of the most impressive, mouth-watering, craveable beef dishes we've made, and I can't wait to make it again (let alone eat the leftovers tonight).  What's tricky about the recipe is that the filet is wrapped in puff pastry, so it's easy to under or overcook it. 

Interestingly, the beef is wrapped in Parma ham (or prosciutto) and has a mushroom paste surrounding it -- both of which aren't completely detectable if you were tasting it blind.

Here is the recipe, and I've included the conversions below:

400 g = 0.88 lb
750 g = 1.6 lbs
500 g = 1.1 lbs

Try it -- you'll like it, or rather love it!

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