Saturday, February 6, 2016

Recipe: Shanghai Noodles with Golden Garlic and Soft Tofu

Shanghai Noodles with Golden Garlic and Soft Tofu
Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges (cookbook), p.235
5 stars

After being so impressed with Jean-Georges' restaurant in Deer Valley, I checked out his cookbook from the library to test out some recipes.  (This was my first time borrowing a cookbook from the library which is such a great idea!  Got the idea from reading a review on  I hate buying cookbooks only to test out recipes and be disappointed.)

So. . .  we didn't make this exactly per the recipe.  Changed it up a bit, but it turned out delicious!  With all the changes we made to the recipe, I should make this as-is next time.

HUGE learning for me:  Steeping the mint and basil and adding chicken broth to it made an incredibly flavorful base.

Changes we made to the recipe:
  • Sauteed some ground beef with onion and garlic and added it when mixing the final dish.
  • Added green beans
  • Added shitake mushrooms
  • Did NOT use 1 cup of garlic -- used 4 cloves instead
  • Did NOT use 1/4 cup of serrano chiles -- sliced up 2 instead
  • Couldn't get fresh Shanghai noodles so used some other similar Asian noodles we had
  • Couldn't find pea shoots so left that out

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