Saturday, March 14, 2015

Recipe: Braised Zabuton with Coffee Beans

(I almost didn't include a photo since I didn't
take time to nicely plate up the food.)

Braised Zabuton with Coffee Beans
Saveur, Issue #171 (Feb 2015), p. 22
4 stars

Nice dish with lots of flavor.  It was good, but not "oh my gosh amazing;" thus, the 4 stars.  The pickled shallots were a nice touch.

Tips/What We Did:
  • Used chuck roast instead of zabuton or boneless chuck flap
  • Used half the amount of beef but all vegetables and 1/2 of most of the other ingredients
  • Instead of coffee beans, used 1 tbsp of coffee rub that we had
  • Didn't need to reduce the sauce
  • Didn't strain the sauce -- but did remove the bay leaves and star anise
  • Served it over rice
As you can see, I didn't exactly follow the recipe, but it was close enough to produce a nice meal.

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