Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Recipe: Three-Mushroom-and-Quinoa Salad

I've made farro before, but this was my first time making quinoa.  We made the Three-Mushroom-and-Quinoa Salad from Food and Wine Magazine (Dec 2013, p. 240).  I'm not a fan of this recipe.  It was just blah. . . not flavorful.  Perhaps, it was because we didn't include the pine nuts, but I highly doubt that.

One thing I did learn from making this recipe is that 3 cups of quinoa (which is what the recipe calls for) can feed an army.  For 2 people, we should have made 1/2 a cup, and I think we'd still have leftovers.

If anyone has a great quinoa recipe I should try, please comment below!

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