Saturday, December 7, 2013

2013 Paris Food Journal

This is a food journal to remind us of the wonderful meals we had in Paris.
I'm missing it a lot as I type this.

Day 0
  • Just showing you what you get when you're on American Airlines from Dallas to Paris.
It's pasta
Day 1
  • Lovely and sumptuous welcome macarons in our hotel room
  • Snack:  crepe noix coco (coconut nutella crepe)
  • Dinner at Cafe Vavin
    • salad of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, red onions, mushrooms, diced potatoes, foie gras on toast (so delicious!!!)
    • beef stew (it was a bit salty) and cornichons
    • drinks:  petit chablis, Heineken

Day 2
  • Breakfast at Julien Boulangerie:  2 cafe au laits, pain au chocolate, another chocolate pastry
  • Lunch at Galeries Lafayette
    • Caeser salad: chicken, green beans, tomato, boiled egg, parsley
    • lasagna and salad
  • Snack at Galeries Lafayette:  Starbucks latte
  • Snack at Le Marquis de Lauderee:  3 macarons (dark chocolate, cassis, raspberry)
  • Bought snack at the Champs-Elysees Christmas Market for later: chocolate covered marshmallows (one was blueberry flavored!)
  • Dinner at Chez Clement:  
    • bacon-wrapped pollock steak w/mashed potatoes
    • sausage, steak and chicken w/mashed potatoes
    • 2 chocolate profiteroles
    • chocolate tart topped with pears
    • 1/2 carafe of wine
    • 2 cafe au laits

Day 3
  • Breakfast in our room:  Starbucks lattes and bananas from the "bio" (organic) grocery store
  • Lunch at the Pompidou museum cafe:  ham & cheese baguette, sweet & spicy crisps
  • Snack:  $9 (each!) caramel eclairs at L'Eclair de Genie
  • Dinner at Le Royal:  
    • cassoulet
    • steak au poivre with frites
    • 1/2 carafe of Sancerre

Day 4 (Thanksgiving Day)
  • Breakfast at cafe around the corner:  2 cafe au laits, long Nutella pastry, large apricot & cream pastry
  • Snack:  2 macarons from Dalloyau (grapefruit w/sesame seeds; Cognac);  cheese crepes
  • Coffee break at Fauchon
  • Pre-dinner:  wine at Verjus a Vin
  • Thanksgiving Dinner at Kunitoraya on 1 Rue Villedo 75001
    • udon with duck
    • udon with beef

Day 5
  • Breakfast at Julien Boulangerie:  spinach & salmon quiche, 2 coffees
  • Snack in the St. Michel district:  crepe with Nutella, banana and Grand Marnier
  • Snack in Montmatre at Starbucks: espresso
  • Lunch in Montmatre:  crepe with cheese, mushrooms and egg
  • Dinner in our room:  baguette, organic ham, petit Brie, Italian grapes, red wine, macarons (chocolat, citron, framboise)

Day 6
  • Breakfast at cafe around the corner:  grilled apple pastry, cafe au lait, espresso
  • Lunch:  picked up a sandwich around the corner to take on the train to Poissy
  • Snack/Dinner at Angelina:  Champagne, dark hot chocolate, white hot chocolate, a millefuille pastry, a pastry that they recommended since they ran out of the one I wanted

Day 7
  • Breakfast at Starbucks (everything else was closed on Sunday):  espresso, latte, chocolate chip muffin, pancakes
  • Lunch in St. Michel district:  ham & cheese crepe; egg, cheese and doner kebab chicken crepe
  • Snack at Starbucks:  latte, orange juice
  • Dinner at Chez Clement near our hotel:  beet root salad, steak & frites, duck breast & frites, profiteroles

Day 8

  • Breakfast at cafe around the corner:  amazing pear almond tart; disappointing raisin roll; espresso
  • Airplane food
  • My last macarons that I bought from the Fauchon boutique in the airport

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