Friday, April 12, 2013

Recipe: Spinach-and-Parmesan Sformati

I've been wanting to make Top Chef Masters' Lachlan Mackinnon Patterson's Spinach-and-Parmesan Sformati ever since I saw the photo of it in Food and Wine Magazine's April 2012 issue (p.132).  A sformati (or sformato) is an Italian custard with a lot of cheese -- it's like a souffle but not as airy.

Mine did NOT turn out looking as light green as the one in the magazine photo (see the link to the photo and recipe above).  Perhaps next time I need to use Parmesan powder to coat my ramekins.  Otherwise, there is no way for a dish that has that much spinach in it to be that light in color. 

In any case, the dish (which we ate as a side dish) was delicious.  It tasted like a souffle and was packed with spinach and cheese flavor.  While it does take a while to make and bake, it isn't a hard recipe and is worth the time.

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