Sunday, May 20, 2012

Iron Chef Foodie Friends Competition 2: Tomatillo

The winner of our first Iron Chef competition picked tomatillo as our ingredient for last night's dinner.  It was definitely an interesting ingredient to work with -- I had to do research on tomatillos and learned that when selecting them, 1) they should be firm, 2) the smaller the better and 3) the husk should be fresh looking (not shriveled and dried).

I thought that we would all be tomatillo'd out after eating 2 apps, 3 entrees, 1 dessert -- oh, and there was a drink too, but everything was so delicious.  It was extremely hard to pick a winner.  The winner was the dessert (major points for creativity and having the hardest course); it was delicious. 

Our next competition's ingredient is sparkling wine!

Fresh cheese in tomatillo salsa
Guacamole w/tomatillo salsa & orange juice

My dish (appetizer)
Fresh cheese in tomatillo salsa - a Rick Bayless recipe

A spicy tomatillo margarita
(w/serranos and jalapenos blended in)
Oops - I drank almost all of it before
remembering to take a photo

Brisket soft butter tacos with a cabbage slaw
and a tomatillo cream sauce

Chicken soft tacos topped with a
tomatillo salsa, cilantro and queso fresco

Fresh mozzarella and monterey jack
cheese enchiladas in a chile corn tortilla and
topped with a tomatillo sauce, queso fresco
and black beans on the side

Chocolate cake with a tomatillo
sauce (made with vanilla, cinnamon) and
topped with orange zest whipped cream

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