Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crepes A La Cart in Breckenridge

My Blue Lagoon Crepe
(Nutella, blueberries, brown sugar, Bailey's Irish Cream)

You can watch your crepe being made

Le Menu

Just got back from Breckenridge, and I must say that besides skiing, one of my favorite things of the trip was the crepes from a little cart (it was like a stationary food truck) called Crepes A La Cart.  I love crepes, and while they're easy to make, there's something special about them.  Maybe it's because there aren't many places around town in Dallas that serve them or that they can be intimidating and time consuming to make.  I made them once last year -- they turned out nicely but weren't as thin and beautiful as the ones from the cart which had a perfect texture and were crispy on the edges.

When I heard that there was a crepe cart in Breckenridge, I made sure to seek it out.  It was just a few blocks from where we stayed and became our afternoon snack after skiing.  I tried 'The Parisian' (melted brie with honey ham and Dijon mustard) which was savory and delicious and ordered 'Blue Lagoon' twice (blueberries with Nutella, brown sugar, and Bailey's Irish Cream).  There were so many I wanted to try, but I guess I'll have to make them myself.  Perhaps we'll throw a crepe party this spring and try out some of the other combinations. . .

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