Sunday, October 19, 2014

Recipe: Quick Pork Pho

Quick Pork Pho
Bon Appetit, Oct 2014, not sure what page
2 stars

This was our second attempt at making pho.  It just doesn't taste like the pho you get at Vietnamese restaurants probably because we've been making 'quick' pho recipes. . . the broth is supposed to take hours to make/simmer so that's the primary issue.  The strong broth flavor just isn't there.

At least the recipe smelled like pho with the cinnamon, anise, fennel, garlic and onion that was in the broth.

I generally post my 'do not make again'/under 3 star recipes in my What Not to Make blog posting; however, I think this one has potential.  Just need to get the broth right, and we'll have a winner.  Also, next time, we're going to use thinly sliced beef instead of pork.

Does anyone out there have an amazing pho broth recipe that isn't super salty and doesn't use MSG?

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