Sunday, July 1, 2012

Recipe: Spiked Pretzel Chocolate Caramel Martini

Just a commentary about the dessert situation in Dallas.  Last night, we wanted dessert but not just any dessert, a phenomenal dessert that was worth the calories.  We racked our brain, thinking of all the places we've had dessert in Dallas;  looked at the Dallas Observer and D Magazine dessert "winners" (from their annual polls);  read suggestions on Chowhound. . .

The only phenomenal desserts we could think of were Truluck's Carrot Cake and their Chocolate Sack, La Duni's Quatro Leches Cake and the desserts at Fearing's, Abacus and Marquee Bar & Grill.  While we haven't been to Lucia or Bolsa (for dessert), both won many best dessert awards from Dallas publications recently.

Our big realization was how mediocre and unmemorable the desserts in Dallas are.  For instance:
  • Stephan Pyles:  Heaven & Hell Cake;  Coffee & Doughnuts
  • R&D Kitchen:  Carrot Cake;  Ice Cream and Banana Sundae
  • Ocean Prime:  Carrot Cake;  Baked Alaska
  • Wolfgang Puck's 560:  Sour Cream Apple Crumble
  • Toulouse:  Beignets & Coffee;  Pear Tart
  • I can't even think of other desserts we've had since they weren't memorable at all.
If you know of any desserts that are amazing, craveable, memorable, and all in all phenomenal here in Dallas, please post a comment with your reco!

All of that to say that my hubby suggested we resort to making our own dessert and try recreating the spiked milkshake that he had at The Cheesecake Factory recently -- Twisted Salted Caramel Pretzel made with ABSOLUT Vodka, Licor 43, caramel, pretzels and ice cream.  Using the provisions we had at home, we made our own version using vodka, Godiva Caramel, pretzels, chocolate ice cream and milk.  It was worth every sip.

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  1. What about the s'mores at Tillman's? I've wanted to try those and I've heard they are good. Maybe it is just fun to cook at your table :)

    I also recently read the local Advocate Magazine articles about off-the-menu items and have been wanting to try this dessert from Dough Pizzeria: