Thursday, November 26, 2015

Recipe: Chicken Parmesan Pot Pie

Chicken Parmesan Pot Pie - recipe from Fabio Viviani
People Magazine, Feb 2, 2015 issue, p.82
5 stars

I'm sometimes wary of recipes in non-food magazines but decided to try this chicken pot pie recipe -- with an Italian twist that was in this week's issue of People Magazine.  Really great recipe (winter comfort food), and we would definitely make it again!

  • Cook the vegetables less so that they remain their texture.  (Remove vegetables from the pan temporarily while cooking the chicken in the pan; then add the vegetables back.)
  • Cook the potatoes just a tad less
  • Add red pepper
  • Cut the amount of flour down by at least 1/3 so the overall texture is less "thick"
  • Add thyme
  • As you can see -- we baked this in a large casserole dish vs. in individual ramekins

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