Sunday, June 28, 2015

Recipe: Pork Ragu Over Creamy Polenta

Pork Ragu Over Creamy Polenta
Bon Appetit Magazine, March 2015, p. 76
5 stars

This is what I call a "weekend recipe" since it takes about 4 hours to make (with 2.5-3 hrs simmer time).  If you take a look at this recipe, it actually is quite easy; you just need to be around the house to keep an eye on it and stir periodically.

This dish has really great flavor -- I'd make it for guests especially since you can let it cook on its own (instead of hovering over the stove during a dinner party while guests arrive).

Pork ingredients:  boneless pork shoulder, onion, garlic, tomato paste, full-bodied red wine, can of whole peeled tomatoes, thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, kosher salt, pepper, vegetable oil

Polenta ingredients:  coarse (not quick-cooking) polenta, Parmesan, butter, Kosher salt, pepper, fresh parsley, olive oil

  • As the recipe notes, this is a thick ragu.  To make a little more sauce, I'd add a small can of tomato sauce or an additional can of diced tomatoes.
  • I didn't think the olive oil drizzled on top was necessary.

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