Saturday, February 28, 2015

Recipe: Apple Cider-Cooked Farro

Apple Cider-Cooked Farro
Bon Appetit, p. 56, Nov 2014
4 stars

I'm writing this post almost a month after we made this recipe (behind on blogging!) so can't recall the dish 100%.  Plus, blog contributor and husband "the grandcruman" made the recipe.  I'll update this post the next time we make this!

Healthy vegetarian dish with good crunch and flavors.

Ingredients include:  celery root, apple, red onion, parsley, black olives, Pecorino, farro, apple cider vinegar, apple cider, bay leaf, Kosher salt, black pepper.

What we did differently:
  • Used celery instead of celery root
  • Left out the black olives
  • Blanched the red onion in the farro cooking water for a couple of minutes

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