Thursday, March 21, 2013

Recipe: Apple Pie Bars

Food & Wine Magazine's March 2013 issue is full of "all-time greatest recipes from legendary cooks."  This past weekend, I made the Apple Pie Bars recipe that's on p.78 -- named Best Apple Dessert. The photo in the magazine looks amazing.  The dessert is not so amazing.

Here are the issues with the recipe:
  • There isn't enough apple filling.  I would've liked double the amount called for in the recipe.
  • The apples do not take 20 minutes to cook/soften. 
  • There's way too much topping.  I would've cut it by a third.
  • There wasn't enough sugar in the topping.
  • The dessert does not need to be baked for an hour.  Had I baked it the full hour, it would have completely burned!
  • The crust needs to be par-baked, not fully baked -- it got a little too crispy and overbaked.
  • In step 4, it doesn't say what to set the oven to.  I assumed 375 degrees as is mentioned in step 1 for the crust.  Perhaps that was the issue with the baking time?
For a super-time consuming recipe, this one isn't worth the time or the calories.  I love anything with apples, cinnamon, and oats, and this was a huge diasppointment.

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